Coke Division    

Coke Division

ACL produces metallurgical coke since 1977. The old coke oven plant has been replaced by sophisticated coke oven plant with latest technique to achieve greater capacity utilization and ensure quality control.

Technical consultancy has been taken from Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR), one of the most reputed institutes under CSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The matured coal from Jharia coalfield, though of high rank and reflectance, contains comparatively high ash. This high ash is reduced to the required extent in the coal washery which helps in increasing the highly reactive macerals like vitrinite & exinite considerably and decreases the total inert contents of the coal. It also increases the other coking properties of coal like fluidity, swelling and caking index, etc.

The metallurgical coke produced from this low ash washed coal contains high fixed carbon and is much homogeneous in nature, with consistent quality. This metallurgical coke gives sustaining high temperature and strength. The use of this coke gives much better performance in the blast/cupola furnace. Better performance means lower consumption of coke for the same amount of melting at the same melting temperature. The lower consumption of coke also means high productivity and better volume utilization of blast/copula furnace, i.e. higher melting rate/hour and lower production cost. Needless to mention, other traditional parameters, which also help in defining coke in terms of its suitability for blast/cupola furnaces are taken care of.

By utilizing metallurgical coke of Auroma Coke Limited it has been found that the consumers can easily reduce their dependency on imported LAM coke as ACL offer high quality metallurgical coke at a reasonable price.

The company is supplying metallurgical coke to Pig Iron Plants / Blast Furnaces, Railways etc. on regular basis.